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February 20 2017

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This is Daisy, the Almighty Doggo Of Sleep

You will have the best night’s sleep of your life, but only if you reblog this with “Sweet Dreams Pupper”

Sweet Dreams Pupper

Sweet Dreams Pupper

Sweet Dreams Pupper

Sweet Dreams Pupper

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Video of Milo advocating pedophilia. 


If you advocate for Milo’s “right of free speech” then 1. you can listen to what he has to say  2. you should also hear the pushback. 

@holyromanhomo thought you would appreciate this and our mutual hatred of this white racist fake gay

WELL… my nights been ruined.

Literally someone please murder this pedophile.

im so sick of this ugly piece of shit

Well I didn’t have a lot of respect for Milo, and I have far less now

What the actual fuck. I honestly thought I was going to get linked to a video where he says if two thirteen year olds wanna do whatever thay shouldn’t be illegal and someone blew it out of proportion but holy shit he’s actually advocating for the grooming of teenage boys

Whoa this isn’t cool

…What the shit?

The videos are edited to make it seem like he’s referring to prepubescent/under aged boys when he’s not, he is explicitly talking about young MEN.

Milo is many things but he’s not a pedo-apologist and never has been.

People need to do an ounce of research before they go around spreading blatantly false shit about people like this.

Welp, I’ll be taking back my last statement and deleting that post… Thanks for giving a little more clarification.

Anyone else who has been reblogging the original post, just take a moment to read this one.

Thanks for clearing it up





pineapple on pizza discourse is so ugly like no one can win.

we’re all losers as long as we live in the reality where its commonplace to put fruit on pizza 

tomato a fruit



Put tomato and pineapple on pizza

Man Died After He Was Forced to Spend the Night in a Cold Pond for Refusing to Deny Christ





“A Christian couple was forced to spend the night in a frigid pond after they refused to deny Christ; the man has now died.

Bartu Urawn and his wife from Jharkhand state, India, were forced to spend 17 hours up to their necks in the pond with their hands tied as punishment for leaving their indigenous faith, reported Morning Star News. Bartu became ill and sustained nerve damage.

Beneswar Urawn, the couple’s son, witnessed the punishment along with some villagers. “All through the night, they were in the cold water shivering, and I along with 15 to 20 villagers were witness to the brutality,” said Beneswar. “The villagers kept asking my father if he is ready to forsake Christ and return to the Sarna fold. He reiterated every time, ‘I will not deny Christ … I will continue to believe till my last breath.‘”

After the couple was pulled from the water, the villagers hit them and tried to get them to deny Christ. Both became ill, but Bartu’s wife recovered while he did not. Bartu died on January 20, 2017. Villagers stood watch over his body and refused to allow the family to bury him. The next day, Beneswar and four others were able to get Bartu’s body and carry it six miles, where they were able to bury him on government land.

The punishment came after years of persecution for Bartu Urawn and his wife, Beneswar Urawn and his wife and Beneswar’s younger brother. The villagers practice Sarna Dharam, which demands blood sacrifice and ritualistic services.” 

Cultures and religions is equal yo


>but Christians aren’t oppressed lol

Whenever someone says that it really ticks me off.

February 19 2017













Fucking whypipo trying to justify casing Matt Damon in an Asian movie set in China by saying “well the Chinese director did it so it’s okay!!”

No it fucking isn’t!!! I’m going to fucking tear my hair out!! Asian actors are already more likely to be overlooked in Hollywood!! By giving a role that normally would have gone to an Asian actor to a white actor instead is, once again, overlooking talented Asian actors!!

Saying that the director needed something to draw the white audience to see the movie and using that to justify the casting of Matt Damon is in of itself fucked up!! Do white peoples really love themselves so much that they can’t stand to see a show or movie where they aren’t the majority?! If i, as an Asian American, refused to watch shows where there isn’t at least 1 major Asian actor or actress, I would have to eliminate 96% (probably more!) of the shows that I currently watch!! What the fuck?! Stop trying to justify that sort of narrow minded bull shit!!

Great Wall is NOT OKAY. Stop trying to gaslight the Asian American audiences into saying it’s okay!!

I’m also sick of movies about the first white man doing something in non-white countries. How about stories about the first Asian Female Pirates. THE STORIES I’VE SEEN ON TUMBLR ALONE SOUND AMAZING.

Here’s an asian crybaby gif for yall lol

Oh for crying out loud, if the movie was not a fantasy you might have a real complaint, but it is.

You 👏can’t 👏white 👏wash 👏make👏 believe 👏

Dem wytes doe post #6752685

Tom Cruise wasn’t The Last Samurai, Ken Watanabe was.  The Last Samurai is a traditional Japanese story.  They just added a Western observer to make it easier for Westerners to get emotionally involved with.

It’s just like Marco Polo.  Marco Polo isn’t the star, he’s the viewpoint character. He’s a Western viewpoint character to pull Westerners into the events of the Great Khanate.

And China has it’s own goddamn film industry.  Hong Kong makes almost as many movies as Hollywood.

The thing about Matt Damon is, that he’s got a recognized name. If it’s the choice of a known brand vs. an unfamiliar one, people will choose the one they know. There will be a few that will try something new and it will spread from there, but in this case, the product needs to make money now to make more product later. 

In other words, if the Chinese director wants to make more movies, he needs to make a lot of money. 

If he wants to make a lot of money he needs mass audiences to see his movies. 

If he wants mass audiences to see his movie, he needs something to draw them in.

What’s an easy way to do this? Get a famous American actor, because let’s face it general audiences aren’t going to see a movie if a famous person just produces it, they have to be on the poster to get recognized. 

If you don’t want more Chinese directors and their actors, don’t support this movie. 

If you do want more Chinese directors and their actors, you’ll have to stomach the fact that out of 18 main cast members, only 4 are white, and support this movie.

And while we’re on the subject, don’t just support a movie just because their cast is diverse, because if a successful movie that’s only selling point is its diversity and nothing else, can and will send the message that they can sell a movie that they put the least amount of effort into as long as they chose their actors in the name of “diversity”.

“Asian actors are already more likely to be overlooked in Hollywood!!” Yeah, which is a problem that this movie would be contributing to if it were in any way related to Hollywood. It’s not. It’s filmed in China by a Chinese company employing almost entirely Chinese people. Damon is the random cool foreign guy that the Chinese company and Chinese director hired for a part in their Chinese movie set in China and filmed for Chinese audiences, who by the way loved it when the movie came out like three months ago. But no, you (an American) have to be offended on their behalf because these stupid ignorant foreigners don’t even know when their rich culture is being trampled by the all powerful and all important America.

@sindri42 lol sorry but who loved it???

“In December 2016, users of film review website Douban rated The Great Wall 5.4 out of 10, which is considered very low.”
Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Wall_(film) (under Controversy)

It hasn’t even been made available to half its audience and it’s already made huge piles of money. Critics may very well think it sucks, because critics always hate alternate history action movies and love oscar bait bullshit, but the Chinese public has spoken with their wallets.

Lmfao China has a population of ONE POINT THREE BILLION PEOPLE. Even if only 1/5 of the entire Chinese population spent only a dollar to see Great Wall, that’s your $200 million right there.
Now imagine a movie that’s so bad, that it got rated 5/10 by 200 million people lol

First of all, China happens to be the second largest cinematic market in the world. It’s a distant second to the United States.

Second of all, much of China impoverished and can’t afford to go to the theater.

Average household income in the US: $84000

Average household income in China: $10000


1/5th of a country seeing a movie is an excellent sign.

If 1/5th of the US sees The Great Wall, it could end up being the highest grossing film of all time.

Also ratings have been highly questionable since the Ghostbusters 2016 debacle where critics and people tried to push the ratings up to keep it from bombing only for it to still bomb.

Side note: Ghostbusters 2016 was such a bad film, China didn’t even allow it in its theaters.

Carry on

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Only in america will you find people moved profoundly by the sight of a closed mcdonalds

What a shame students and teenagers can’t get those jobs anymore because illegals drove down the wages while working longer under worse conditions. Wouldn’t it be terrible if these businesses had to adapt and hire Americans again 🤔

rly makes u think

So called “illegals” didn’t drive down the wages. Tax evading corporations who pay off senators to vote against minimum wages rises did that.

The minimum wage shouldn’t be the maximum wage; importing endless cheap labour  results in this. Why would a corporation pay a student $15 dollars an hour and risk them wanting decent working conditions and fair hours; when they can pay someone $12 hours and that person has so little security in the USA they will work every hour god sends and never dare ask for fair treatment

It is a valid argument to say that some of the larger corporations don’t treat the working classes well, but by campaigning for higher wages, while at the same time not acknowledging the problem with to much immigration, you would just ensure wages would stay at the minimum required and industry moves abroad/into the hands of immigrant workforces ahead of the working classes in the home nations.

This is a known economic theory, no nation’s economy exists in a vacuum












I can’t believe Donald Duck has mythos as lengthy as the Batman mythos. What the fuck.

Are you shitting me right now because I don’t think you’re shitting me right now



I think this might be because Donald Duck is a comic phenomenon in Europe. He and the characters surrounding him (his nephews, uncle Scrooge, Daisy, sometimes Mickey if he’s lucky) has this long-running pocket book series with comic mostly produced by syndicates in Italy. It has been going since at least the 80′s and is translated into multiple languages, so needless to say it was a huge part of our childhoods.

(X, X, X)

I had several dozens of these when I was growing up, and I still buy one now and then if I feel like it. Oh and in Sweden one of our biggest Christmas traditions is to watch Donald Duck cartoons.

So basically we’re a bit obsessed with Donald Duck in Europe.

And this, my friends, is a fine example of DONALDISM

(I’m not making this up, google it!)

Oh shit

Reblogging this amazing post to confirm Donald and Family’s influence in many countries’ pop culture.

And I just wanna say, that is the most beautiful, most organized library of Duck comics I have ever laid eyes on 👍

Can confirm, best part about every Wednesday in my childhood was the newest Donald Duck comic.

My father learned Norwegian by reading Donald Duck Comics. He read the same one in English then read it again in Norwegian. This was in 1959 Norway.

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Enlightened Pupper. 

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Breeze the foal was abondoned at birth. Meet his new mum, Buttons the bear.


Random questions for my parents that they can't remember the answers to:

Why was I allowed to watch star wars but teenage mutant ninja turtles and power rangers were considered too violent?

Why was I allowed to watch home improvement but not the Simpsons (to me the humor is similarly “grown up”)?

They didn’t like me watching anything with a battle scene but i was allowed to read the hobbit, the chronicles of Narnia, among other things (including a book where they literally ate children)

And how did I get away with reading “the oath” at age 12 just because i said it was ok?
Not blaming them for anything, it’s just funny stuff that doesn’t make sense and they can’t even remember their reasoning

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This is “gun safety” in america. You walk into a grocery store and you walk out with a gun with this little orange tag and an instruction manual no one is going to read. And just like that you’re a gun owner.

>OP Implies this warning tag is the only information
>Tag itself makes reference to an instruction manual.

Firearm manuals tend to be rather through things that repeat important safety information about three times in language that could be understood by a five year old.

>grocery store

Wait, wait, let me guess; you’re referring to Wal-Mart

The people who sell guns in their sporting goods section, with >background checks that are actually more stringent than most gun stores? In fact they’re stricter than federally required<.

Do…do you actually live in America, OP?

>an instruction manual no one is going to read

Did OP just project their flagrant laziness onto everyone else?

Seems familiar to how anti-gunners do the same thing with their violent urges.

OP seems to think that guns are sold like, I dunno, toasters or cell phones or alarm clocks.




It’s really sad that Markiplier and other big time PewDiePie defenders seem genuinely more upset at Felix being labeled anti-Semitic than basically anything else going on in the past like three years.

Like where the fuck was Mark with his respect video when Anita Sarkeesian got thousands of death threats for simply saying video games had sexist content in it? Where was it when Zoe Quinn got doxxed and her family threatened for simply wanting video games to be a more welcoming environment for women? This is just stuff that was going down in the YouTube/Gaming community too, not even going to mention the grander sociopolitical issues. Even sadder is Felix has endorsed a dude who was very active in harassing both these women.

Markiplier and others don’t need to comment on every single global tragedy or political event but when they only do to express grief over an immensely privileged individual being accused of racism that’s pushing an extremely dangerous narrative that accusation of bigotry are more harmful of actual bigotry.

They also seem to maintain the ideology that as long as they intend for their videos to be pure entertainment and apolitical then that’s what it is. This isn’t true at all, everything we say is a reflection of our core political ideology, Socrates knew this thousands of years ago. Nothing exist outside of our social superstructures and we always have to be conscious of how we operate in it, this goes double for people with a following like Mark and Felix.

I mean, the main reason we’re upset is that he’s been unfairly labelled as both an anti-Semite and a Nazi by both the media and the general online community alike, even though he isn’t either of these things.

The Wall Street Journal’s article on him was defamation, plain and simple. They deliberately presented clips from Felix’s videos without their original context as being jokes. There’s no way around it, it was an attack piece.

Even more damning is that instead of contacting Felix directly, you know to make sure the information was accurate, they took it to YouTube and Disney, causing them to completely cut ties with him and cancel his upcoming YouTube Red show. This last one is particularly damaging because while the others just affect Felix, this one affects everyone who worked on Scare PewDiePie.

I strongly recommend watching Ethan Klein’s video on the subject. He does a much better job in explaining how The Wall Street Journal’s article on Felix was slander.

>Defending Sarkeesian and Quinn

>Actually believing their claims of harrassment

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stay woke!

>Occupy Democrats

So when can we start the wholesale slaughter?

i like how stalin & maos massive deathtolls are heavily disputed (almost like they wanted to give all their commie fans an easy out to dismiss them or something) but trumps totally fictional PROJECTED kills of 10x the holocaust are super cereal guyz

dat moment when you borderline deny actual genocide while virtue signalling over fictional genocide.

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LPT: For you dog owners out there.

Actually v helpful. I don’t have a dog but wow.



reminder to:

  • straighten your back
  • go pee goddAMN IT STOP HOLDING IT
  • go take your meds if you need to
  • drink some water
  • go get a snack if you havent eaten in a while
  • maybe wander around the house/stretch a little if you’ve been sat at the computer a while (artists especially: sTRETCH THOSE WRISTS)
  • reply to that text/message from earlier you’d forgotten about
  • maybe send a nice lil message to someone having a bad day?

I just would like to thank everyone who ever reblogs this so that it somehow ends up back on my dash because I usually need the reminder (especially the drinking water one)

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Agreed, with one caveat- don’t assume that a person only endorses free speech for shitty people when they’re defending free speech. Or that, because a person is defending the legal right for Nazis to speak in public, they’re not also trying to defend your right to stand a few feet away with a vuvuzela at the ready. 

(I’ve seen people trashing the ACLU for being “bigoted” because they defended neo-Nazis in the past, so this needs to be said.)

I defend that kind of speech because that kind of speech is unpopular, and probably rightly so.

But freedom of speech requires the defense of unpopularity. No one defends something that’s popular. There’s no need for that, because it’s already defended by approval and affection. The reason why so many people defend racist, sexist and homophobic speech is because it’s the kind of speech that NEEDS defending for free speech to remain free.

I don’t agree with the tweet in the OP at all. It’s an anti-free speech thought, which uses concern trolling to poison the well against it’s defenders.

As fnp points out, free speech only needs defending when someone claims that the speech in question is bad, hurtful or hateful. There is no need for a principled defense of speech which is so anodyne that it can offend no one. The very concept is ludicrous.

Pointing out that defenders of free speech primarily defend offensive speech is a useless truism. They can only defend freedom which is under attack. There isn’t really an argument there.

There’s no point in defending the right the to espouse and vocalize popular or socially acceptable opinions. There’s only a need to speak up when people are trying to say certain speech shouldn’t be allowed or that people who say certain things should have their civil rights violated.

One of the most common arguments for free speech is that the definition of unacceptable speech just keeps being widened, as it has in the past. 

And that it can easily end up used against the very people who pushed for it.

My problem is that all the free-speech advocates I see all take that stand because they personally want to use slurs, threats and vulgar insults. I don’t see anyone advocating for free speech for the sake of free speech who isn’t also looking to say something homophobic, racist, et cetera. That makes it personal, and that makes the motives suspect.

You are talking to me, someone who doesn’t really swear. Either you are lying, and I don’t want to believe that, or have an extremely selective memory.

@notyourmoderate However, it’s also the case that the same people “fighting bigotry and hate speech” are going to immediately use said speech the moment someone who looks like them does something out of line. I’ve seen black people who are against hate speech and slurs and all that immediately use those same slurs when another black person has an opinion they don’t like. Just look for Joy Villa related tweets if you want a recent example of some hypocrisy

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B99 | 402 | “Bucket. I’ll just take your biggest bucket of bullets.”


except it’s not

go around to diffferent gun stores and try this shit you will get refused 100% of the time with the cops called on you 99% of the time

“I take my information from fictional TV shows”

Even this straw man just draws attention to the fact that there are already gun laws you would have to bribe your way around to illegally acquire guns. While also demonstrating that gun laws don’t keep guns out of criminals hands. Great job.








Being 👏 a 👏 religious 👏 institution 👏 does 👏 not 👏 make 👏 it 👏 acceptable 👏 to 👏 underpay 👏 or 👏 not 👏 pay 👏 your 👏 employees 👏

My mom will probably put this on her gravestone. She holds multiple degrees, including postgrad, and has long wanted to teach English in Christian schools.

The highest she was offered (while living in Northern VA!!) was 25k. She was told that teaching in such a school was a ministry, not a true job.

Good grief. That really bothers me as an education major. Everything you do in life if done in the service of God is your ministry, your vocation. That doesn’t mean it can’t also be a job. Your employees should at least be able to support themselves and their families. 

It’s one thing if you sign up knowingly as a volunteer, it’s another thing entirely to be told you’re hired for a job and then not get an acceptable salary. 

Or if the salary is insultingly low for the education and experience required. Someone with a master’s degree should not be paid under $40k for a full time job. That is outrageous.

Yeah 40k is a starting point that can bring raises in the future. Hubby has a bachelors in business and his first job started at about 40k. I can’t imagine teachers having to deal with anything less than that >:o


This hits home- both of my parents were teachers in Christian schools for many years, most recently making less than 20k a year (and being treated very badly) causing them both to have to find other jobs.
And one of the Christian schools I attended growing up was so small they couldn’t afford to promise 20k a year so they supplemented by offering on grounds housing rent free (which still makes it more than my parents were receiving at their most recent job) because they just didn’t have the number of students to offer that kind of salary

Mother, 30, who throttled her newborn baby is spared prison















Women in England may now murder their infant children largely with impunity. Just claim the trauma of giving birth put you out of sorts and you can choke the ever living fuck out of your child on a bathroom floor and not spend a single day in prison. 

What’s that word again? Privilege?

Maybe it really does exist. Who knew?

Thank Feminism.

Postpartum depression is a thing, though…

Are you fucking with me?

Didn’t you know? Murder’s acceptable if you feel like shit. I mean, if I’d just been fired and made single again. I’d be completely justified in strolling down to my local college and running someone’s head through a lathe in the engineering block. “In my defence, it was a spur of the moment kinda dealio.”

“Last month, the defendant, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, denied murder but admitted infanticide…”

What exactly is the distinction here?

actually there is a difference between the two (neither is justifiable or right in any way, obviously)

murder, manslaughter and infanticide are the three different types of culpable homicide.

“A female person commits infanticide when by a wilful act or omission she causes the death of her newly-born child, if at the time of the act or omission she is not fully recovered from the effects of giving birth to the child and by reason thereof or of the effect of lactation consequent on the birth of the child her mind is then disturbed.” (Criminal Code of Canada)

max penalty for murder is life imprisonment 

max penalty for infanticide is 5 years imprisonment

imo i understand why the maximum penalty is reduced but idk how the hell this woman got out of it

She’s a woman. Women have chased men and gunned them down in the street and have gotten probation.

She’s also white and pretty. Race is a big thing on this too. PPD or not she should have gotten up to 5 years in prison. But she didn’t because she’s white. I guarantee you if she was a person of color she would have gotten 10 years. Not 5.

Your comments on feminism however, are misconstrued. You don’t understand the point pf feminism if you think its just women getting more privilege than men. True feminism is egalitarianism at heart. Equality between the sexes and races. No in between. What you’re describing is not at all a female power tower.

This is a white girl who didn’t get imprisoned because she’s white. Its that simple.

Feminism is a hate cult that has never promoted equality, that’s just a lie it sells so people like you will look the other way.

Because black women who have gunned down their partners in the street have gotten probation too.

The fact that you know that a rapist got six months and that sent the feminist community into an apocalyptic tailspin but know nothing about women who straight up MURDER men and get probation is indicative of how full of shit your movement is.

I didn’t ask for you to insult me. I simply was giving my opinion.

My views are that men and women should be treated equally and fairly in all aspects of life.

I identify as a Feminist.

It doesn’t make me or the movement “shit” as you describe it. It makes certain people who act the way you describe it “shit”.

Now. Women are treated less equally than men are in certain situations. Fact. Men are treated less equally than women are in certain situations. Fact. Yet what do both parties do when confronted with this? They argue about it instead of making actual progress. Just like you’re doing. If you truly want equality you can’t just get angry about how women are more “privileged” in your eyes than they are in mine. Its an argument that could last decades.

I’m allotted to my own opinions about literally everything. So are you.

If you think men and women should be treated equally congratulations you’re an Egalitarian because Feminists absolutely oppose equal treatment between men and women.

I wholeheartedly support equality through my words and actions, not because I’m part of a hate cult.

Incidentally, I was wrong, I had confused two separate stories.

This woman chased her husband down and murdered him in the street. She got four months.

This woman hired a hitman to murder her ex-husband and she got no time at all, and got to retain custody of the children.

fem·i·nism ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun noun: feminism The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation, female emancipation, women’s rights; informalwomen’s lib “a longtime advocate of feminism” ———- Sorry, yeah, I know that the format is wonky. I did try, but phone posts only go so far. :/ People can try to misuse feminism all they want, but it is what it is. There will always be people like us that will try to fight for what it really is, and what it’s supposed to be. It’s based on the equality of the sexes and its true form always will be. What these women did is utterly unacceptable and should be given the maximum punishment available for such a crime, if you ask me. Their punishments should all be on par with a man’s, should he have done the same thing. That’s the kind of world I fight, and will continue to fight for. We’re still out here. I don’t know how many of us there are anymore, but I refuse to believe that I’m the only one, as @egyptiangibna is clearly very present with me. ;)

It is that unrelenting advocacy for women that resulted in this. You can’t paint this as one solitary example when it isn’t a solitary example. This is one of those systemic problems you feminists like to drone on about, except you caused it. Feminists emboldened by the words of prominent leaders and theorists fought for these policies tooth and nail and you’re going to sit there and suggest as a solution the cause of the problem. 

Maybe the problem isn’t that the movement has been poisoned by a few bad apples but maybe it’s just a poisonous movement with good PR. This is like the millionth time a feminist has used this argument it was stupid the first time and will be stupid the next million times. You can’t just define a movement however you like and then go do the opposite, argue for the opposite and then when someone shows you the shitty consequences go…oh well that’s not real feminism. Ask yourself why the label feminist is so important despite the fact that it’s “been ruined” and the goals don’t seem to match the actions. I mean while we’re quoting definitions of words this is what you are pretending feminism is to cover for your hate cult.

egalitarian |iˌgaləˈterēən|


of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities: a fairer, more egalitarian society.

So if we agree in that principle why defend a broken corrupt sexist filled movement simply because they claim their label is synonymous with egalitarian (it isn’t)? If feminism means fighting for equality…but feminism routinely advocates for nothing but sex based inequalities…that kind of makes anti-feminism the real feminism if I’m accepting your understanding of the word feminism. 

That’s a serious question by the way if we agree on egalitarianism why is the feminist movement or label needed. (virtually nobody is against egalitarianism). I want to know why you think it is important. I already know why it’s important to feminism.

Class, notice how egyptiangibna does not actually address the question of whether Suminaite was given a slap on the wrist because of her sex, and instead tries to racebait. In the US, >the gender gap in convictions and sentencing dwarfs the racial one<, and as far as I know the UK is even more sexist. 

And notice how 17mndrake says feminism is about her idealized version of what it should be, not what is actually done in its name. Even the definition she used is mostly about women, not equality.


friendly reminder that adhd does not simply go away once you reach adulthood. the majority of people will continue to have symptoms all their lives. symptoms may change over time and additional mental health problems may occur.

adhd is not simple, it is more than just a phase of “oh, my child can not focus in school!”. please do not take it this lightly. support your adhd family members/friends/colleagues.

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