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November 18 2017

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Each individual state colored blue has a population smaller than Los Angeles County colored in red. Remember that when discussing the electoral college


Tell me why the vote of a person from Montana is inherently more valuable than a vote from someone in LA.

tell me why the vote of a person in LA is more valuable than Montana. 

probably cause people are richer there 

Clarification: they’re implying that a vote in Montana is currently more valuable than a vote from LA because it has more mathematical weight in electoral college, not because it’s more important. Eliminating electoral college would level the votes and make them all carry equal weight.

Truthfully, because urban areas have a history of fucking anything not urban. See Washington State forvan example of popular vote meaning urban rule and all the problems it’s caused with the rural and mostly agriculture oriented eastern side of the state, or the even smaller example of King County within said state.

  • Electoral College is disbanded.
  • Next Election, California politician runs for office.
  • Pledges to drain nearby states of their water reserves to give Californians cheap water, no more drought conditions
  • Every state impacted votes against, except California
  • Californians want water, they vote for.
  • Californians get to decide whatever they fucking want because they outnumber the other states 100 to 1.

How much do you want to bet the people who want to college disbanded are the ones who the major population centers of New York and LA, generally agree with them.

We’d be hearing a different tune if it was a bunch of conservatives who held the popular vote and were voting for politicians that ran counter to their desires.

I don’t want to start a fight, but I think the person who said “ Tell me why the vote of a person from Montana is inherently more valuable than a vote from someone in LA.” is in New York City.


@friendly-neighborhood-patriarch arent they a democratic lobbyist? Thats what ive heard

I haven’t heard that.

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Playstation for Ants.


A post has been hijacked by the Night at the Museum fandom, that’s a first.

November 17 2017

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Drawings of North Korean concentration camp by an escaped prisoner. 

Even though these are extremely creepy in nature, it’s important to note that this isn’t the past, but something that is happening right now.


Hey I know this is really late in the day but that whole comment chain about why people can’t go to the police to report a rape left me livid. Didn’t have a chance to say anything but now that I’m off mobile I can. I’m here to set the record straight as someone who has had experience in the sexual assault division of a police department. Sorry Pat, this isn’t so much for you as it is for that misguided Tumblr user who really doesn’t understand how the investigation works. This whole fear-mongering BS about not being able to go to police is how you end up silencing more victims who are looking for help and justice. You can and you absolutely should go to the police and don’t believe this BS about being turned away, because you’ll get an investigation, and through that you can obtain victim services, especially if you request a report for victim services.

Firstly, there’s a good reason why blasting someone on social media is a really bad idea. That’s because you blow up any chance you might have of getting good evidence in an investigation. You have no idea how many times PD’s had an investigation get skewered because someone confronted someone. It’s a mess. One of the biggest assets PD has is using a Pretext Phone Call where the victim calls the suspect while the investigator listens in. When the suspect has no idea that there’s allegations against him or her or that he or she is even being investigated, a pretext phone call could either be a regular phone call or “Hey, you gave me an STD/Got me pregnant” and they end up giving themselves away. So yeah, going on social media about it is really a bad idea because you’re screwing over any chance of justice you might want.

“At best they will turn down everyone who isn’t beaten black and blue.”

Absolutely no they will not. I don’t know where they got this idea but that’s just a horrid lie. What they will do is ask you if you want to file a report. The PD takes sexual assault allegations deathly seriously; our PD has investigated all manner of allegations from harassment of minors, inappropriate touching, indecent exposures, lewd and lascivious acts upon a child, ect… We look at a shit-ton of allegations, take your pick. Because hey, guess what: We don’t classify rape in the grossly out-dated standards you think we classify them in. I can personally tell you yes, we will investigate if you make an allegation of sexual assault, whatever it is.

“and at worst they can rape you too because you’re a “whore”.

… Where did you even think that this would happen in the worst case scenario? The only thing I can think of is that you’re referring to the NYPD case where two patrol officers raped that girl.

Guess what, they’re getting criminally prosecuted. And guess what, that doesn’t happen on a regular basis, in fact it rarely happens at all. You’re more likely to get hit by a car, or stabbed, or shot, or bit by a dog or whatever more than you’d be raped by a cop. I don’t condone those bastard’s behavior at all but they’re going through the same investigation that any other rapist goes through, even more so than cops. But even bringing that up is just more of that fear-mongering you’re trying to perpetuate, and you’re going to end up hurting more people than you even imagine you’re helping. All this BS about it not being worth it and “don’t even bother” sounds abusive as fuck, like you want these people to remain in a permanent state of victimhood without getting the help they need, like therapy or medical tests.

“And even if they investigate your case, most likely it will be for nothing.”

The last lie I want to address. We book a lot of these sick fucks when the detectives are getting full cooperation from the victims, and when they come to us as close to after the assault as they possibly can. The few times where “it will be for nothing” is usually when the victims ask us to close out cases because they cannot deal with the stress of coming in for interviews, forensic tests, pretext calls, trying to get property back when it was involved in a case, requesting a report so they can get victim compensations… And do you know what? The victims can open their cases back up any time for when they feel ready or when they might have new information that will help the detectives. I want to also make it fully clear that yes, there are times where we can’t do anything either because there’s no way for us to gather evidence or maybe the suspect is in another state or country, but that happens only in extremely rare cases. Let me make it clear though: it’s not “most likely”. Stop making these people believe that they have no one who can help them because there’s a lot of people who can.

This is the basic process I know about just from where I work:

1. Sexual assault occurs. Victim calls the police and tells them that they’ve been assaulted.

2. Patrol officers will respond to the victim’s location and take initial statements. At the most it will take three to four days for a report to be generated, maybe more since it depends on the police department because unbeknownst to lots of people, PDs are extremely understaffed. At the least, a report will be generated within a day or two.

3. An investigator is assigned to the case and they’re gonna contact the victim and ask them to come in for an interview. The victim comes in and corroborates the same statement they made to patrol officers, maybe adding a few details they might have forgotten if they weren’t in a right state of mind on the initial report. the detective adds their interviews with the victim to the report as well.

4. Depending on the case, the detective and the victim will do a pretext phone call to the suspect, or it might be through text messages or something similar. The investigator’s probably going to prompt the victim to ask the suspect questions or make certain statements (see “You gave me STDs/Got me pregnant) to throw the suspect into a situation where she or he admits or apologizes.

That’s how it goes for the victim’s side. The PD usually contacts the suspect in person or over the phone to get their statement. Then depending on how much they can go on, they’ll detain the person on their charges.

Anyways, again I apologize for this long-ass paragraph in your box Pat, you don’t even have to post it but as long as someone hears about it and knows how it REALLY goes, I’ll be happy. Just super pissed at some know-nothing on Tumblr who thinks they know the investigative process of sexual assault and drives people away from making reports by spouting bullshit on how nothing will be done.

(this is perfect analysis. Thank you)


It occurs to me that there are people who weren’t on this website in 2012 and therefore never saw the magical gif that you can actually hear:

It’s been over five years and that still impresses the hell out of me.

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Can you believe… it’s 2017 and we’re talking about fake female nerds and fake nerds media?

“First female” anything is a meme that needs to die.

There are plenty of female heroes and villains that have existed long before CURRENTYEAR. Please for the love of fucking God stop lying and actually do some damn research to find them.

Mystique wants a word with this bitch lol

Do you mean first female villain period or just live action or do you mean villain in a superhero setting because either way, there’s been plenty of those since the fucking 90s and I’m sure a shitload more over the last 100 years

Bet they just meant in the current MCU? But even then you already have the golden alien priestess in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and even more female characters on both (good/evil) sides in the Marvel series like Agents of SHIELD, which is also part of the MCU.

Didn’t we have a female villain in Agent Carter for crying out loud?

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There are still good people in this world. If you can’t find one be one.

November 16 2017

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Just responded to a shooting beneath my window. The victim was in agonal respirations when I pulled him from the vehicle. Myself and a medical student who lives in my building rendered first aid with no equipment. Police when they arrived on scene did not offer medical assistance and claimed none of them had medical kits when I was screaming for supplies. While myself and my neighbor were performing chest compressions one of the officers took my concealed carry piece and pulled me away to take down my information while my neighbor continued chest compressions alone. I got into an argument with more than one of the officers about their failure to use their individual medical kits. One ejected me from the crime scene while the victim remained without definitive medical care and another informed me that medical kits were “only for situations involving an active shooter”. He said this while responding to a shooting.

I guess I probably don’t even have to say it considering the police apathy towards the victim, but the victim was a black man.

So now I’m enraged, covered in blood, and sick to my stomach. Police are not protectors.

Medical supplies are replaceable. People are not.

Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

a police report on this incident?

Pardon my skepticism, but that’s not a lot of blood for a shooting.

Am I supposed to just take your Tumblr post at face value?

Google it, asshole.

Gonna need very specific information to find police reports about something that supposedly happened “right beneath” your window, like your address, your precinct, your full legal name, etc

Or you could just provide some semblance of proof that’s deeper than “uwu look at this picture and my long sadpost with no hint of credibility immediately foreseeable”.

If it happened, it should be way easier to prove than an ambiguous photo and a Tumblr post with no links.

Again, do I just take your Tumblr post at face value? I know a good majority of your side of Tumblr is perfectly happy just arbitrarily believing everything they see on Tumble dot corn, but some people like myself would like to attach some semblance of credibility to these kinds of things.

Or you could just get your shitty garbage-ass trump-supporting racist edgelord self off of my fucking post. I’m fucking pissed right now after being unable to save someone’s gods damned life so you can shut the fuck up. If you really give a shit you can fucking Google me, Google where I live, and leave me the fuck alone. You’re only here to harass someone posting on the black lives matter tag.

Ah yes, the go-to retort. I’m a Trump supporter (I voted Gary Johnson but ok) and I’m racist (bitch where?!?!?)

lmfao i can’t you’re a fucking nutcase. I saw you because you liked a post debating the sociopolitics and economic practice of Venezuela you dumb nut. If you just experienced someone get shot and performed life saving processes on them, PARDON ME if I find it hard to swallow that you’re next activity involved browsing the Tumbles for Venezuelan economic banter.

Like I said, you want to disclose that super personal information so I CAN validate your post?

Literally all I’m asking for is some evidence because this shit has been fabricated before.

You’re a fucking psychopath.

I’m a former special forces medical sergeant and I have zero reason to lie. I also don’t have time for your bullshit.

Just post proof. A police report when it comes out, a news story. It ain’t hard.

Couple things…Since I’ve actually been involved in situations like this. Many times. @lady-feral

1. The EMT’s which likely did show up which he made no mention of would’ve cleaned you off after you were covered in blood. Standard protocol. The handful of times I’ve rendered aid and gotten admittedly even a little blood on me they freaked out and washed me off with saline right away.

2. The fact that this person said the Police only had first aid supplies in the form of a blow out kit for active shooters, but then said the police didn’t use it on GSW Victim means OP is full of shit or doesn’t understand at all what he’s talking about.

3. They wouldn’t be able to eject you from the crime scene since you’re an actual witness to a crime. Your testimony later would be necessary in court. They wouldn’t have let you leave even if you wanted to since you did inject yourself into the crime scene. Further they may have even kept you covered in blood for photographic evidence before the EMT’s even washed you off.

4. “I’m a former special forces medical sergeant.” Okay. Where’s your DD Form-214? You can easily post it and block out personal information with a piece of paper in front of it saying your Tumblr name. Plus people who are “former special forces medical sergeants” don’t refer to it as that.

It all could’ve very well happened, but I honestly call bullshit.

“garbage-ass trump-supporting racist edgelord I’m a former special forces medical sergeant”

Do you want to be a meme? Because that’s how you become a meme



the only reason kinder eggs are now legal in the US is because republicans got sick of everyone saying “so guns are legal but a chocolate egg isn’t?”

I’m not Republican in any capacity and I am sick of morons parroting that trite bullshit for years. And the whole time anyone could just go out and buy kinder eggs at almost any corner store/bodega in the US. It’s almost like people who make/made this argument don’t leave their house ever.

There’s no such thing as the Dark Ages, but OK



As a very serious adult, with a respectable career and life, and a healthy ability to let petty shit slide, I spent much too much time last week arguing with strangers on the internet who believe in the myth of the Dark Ages.

The arguments in question focused on a massively inaccurate meme, which some observers of the group pointed out was originally supposed to be about knowledge loss after the burning of the Library of Alexandria, but which some very cool EDGE LORD had changed to be about ‘The Christian Dark Ages’. Please feast your eyes on it in all it’s massive wrongness:


This is, pretty obviously, a bunch of honkey bullshit and also massively incorrect, as many important scholars have noted. As a result, I spent hours of my life – which I will never get back -  pointing out repeatedly that the ‘graph’ in question has nothing to do with reality, and arguing with non-experts about the medieval period.

For the most part – these people were well-meaning. Many pointed out that this was a very Euro-centric world view, and that Asia, Africa, and the Arab world were all making huge advancements in scientific and medical theory at this time. That is absolutely true. White people have never been the entire world. The Chinese had a massively advanced scientific culture by this time, for example, and had been holding it down with hermetically sealed research laboratories since the third century BCE. The Arab world, meanwhile was compiling treatises on eye surgery. Scientific advancement was something that was happening in this period. Europe is not the centre of the world.

Having said that, while it is important to acknowledge that the-rest-of-the-world was making huge strides in scientific advancement during this time, and that Europe and white people are not the entire world, nor responsible for all of human advancement, there was no such thing as the Dark Ages in Europe either.

While everything about the idea of the Dark Ages is incorrect, lets start off with the way the term was meant to be used. The totally ignorant graph above, unsurprisingly, is completely fucking off. Hilariously, the idea of the ‘Dark Ages’ actually originated in the medieval period itself. Petrarch – the poet laureate of fourteenth-century Rome - was actually the originator of the idea that there was a period of stagnation that Europe was moving out of. Petrarch had a political axe to grind. He considered that any point at which Rome – where he lived and worked and had considerable sway – did not completely dominate the world was a BAD TIME. This is not an unbiased assessment of world history.

The actual phrase ‘Dark Ages’ itself derives from the Latin saeculum obscurum, which Caesar Baronius – a cardinal and Church historian - came up with around 1602. He applied the term exclusively to the tenth and eleventh centuries.  However, and very significantly in his use of the term, Baronius was not decrying a state of scientific malaise, or a particularly turbulent political period – he’s talking about a lack of sources surviving from that time.  Indeed, Baronius sees the cut off point for the dark ages to be the Gregorian reforms of 1046, following which we see a massive increase in surviving documentation. Witness an actual useful chart:


When we move into a period where there are more texts to be considered, Baronius argues, Europe moved out of the period of darkness and into a ‘new age’.*

Now this is some real talk. As you can tell from that graph, during the Carolingian Renaissance of the ninth century, we see a flurry of Latin writers emerge, and a lot of text copying. This drops off again until what we term the Twelfth-Century Renaissance – home to this blog’s favourite philosopher/proto-Kanye –  Abelard. (Shout out to my boy.) However, when people use the term ‘Dark Ages’ now, they usually use it to talk about the entire millennium of the Medieval period, and they aren’t talking about source survival.  They aren’t thinking ‘dark’ as in ‘occluded’, they are thinking ‘dark’ as in pejorative.

We can thank the Enlightenment historiography for the expansion of the idea that the medieval period was a bad dark time. Kant and Voltaire in particular liked to see themselves as a part of an ‘Age of Reason’ as opposed to what they saw as the ‘Age of Faith’ of the medieval period. To their way of thinking, any time that the Church was in power was a time of regressive thinking. The Middle Ages, then, was a dark time because it was so dominated by religion. 

The first push back against the term dark ages began with the Romantics. After the, um, unpleasantness of the Reign of Terror, and the major cultural and environmental upheavals of the Industrial Revolution it became fashionable to look at the medieval period as a time of spiritual focus, and environmental purity. Obviously this is a super-biased way of looking at the period – just like it was biased for Enlightenment thinkers to take one look at the primacy of the Church and declare an entire millennium to be bad. I mean, really what the Romantics were doing was just casting shade on the Enlightenment historiography because they felt like it inevitably led to the guillotine. But what can you do?

By the twentieth century historians had moved on from the idea pretty much completely. If you take the time to actually, you know, study the medieval period, it becomes very apparent very quickly that there was a tremendous amount of intensive thought happening. This is the era of Thomas Aquinas – a bad ass philosopher who will think you under the fucking table. Of Hildegard of Bingen – who basically founded scientific natural history in the German speaking lands. Hell, like we talked about last week Rogerius and Giles of Corbeil were throwing it down for major medical advancement. There was a lot going on. On the real, without the contributions of medieval thinkers you would not get Galileo, Newton, or the Scientific Revolution. The medieval period was not a period of stagnation, it was a time of progress.

But it’s not just that the idea of a ‘Dark Ages’ makes no sense when you look at what incredible advancement was happening at the time, it also makes no sense because it implies that stuff was going really well under the Romans. We estimate that somewhere between thirty to forty percent of the population of Italian Rome were slaves. The Romans had total bans on human dissection, meaning that there was no real way for medicine to progress any further than it had by the time of collapse – a problem that medieval people didn’t have. I mean even if you just want to make it about religion - the Roman Empire was Christian at the time of its collapse and had its heads of state worshipped as LITERAL GODS during the pagan era. Somehow every edgy motherfucker with a fedora is totally cool with this and thinks it is super reasonable though. Because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The Romans were not a bunch of really awesome people living a life of idealised rationality any more than medieval people were all ignorant savages living in fear of God.

Is there a time that historians use the term ‘Dark Ages’? Yeah, we do use it to talk about source survival rates. It’s not a term we use as a value judgment, however. We just mean that we don’t have a lot of evidence to go off of. By the same token – if we somehow move on to another electronic format without converting the way things are stored now, we could be moving into a theoretical Digital Dark Age, where historians in the future won’t be able to study what we are writing now. (And that would be a tragedy, because legit, I would kill to be a historian working on Donald Trump’s tweets in the year 2717.)

We’re now moving away from using the term Dark Ages at all, however, because of the frequency with which it is misinterpreted. I mean, if every basic motherfucker out there who never bothered to read God’s Philosophers (hat tip to James Hamman – this book is amazing) will insist on willfully misinterpreting us, we just ain’t gonna give them the ammo.

What it comes down to is that the medieval period was as vibrant as any other period of history. If you’re going to player hate, go ahead, but please don’t act like you know anything about either medieval or ancient history when you do. There is no period of rational supermen followed by ignorant monsters. There are just people doing their best in the circumstances.

* Caesar Baronius, Annales Ecclesiastici Vol. X. (Rome, 1602), p. 647. “Novum incohatur saeculum quod, sua asperitate ac boni sterilitate ferreum, malique exudantis deformitate plumbeum, atque inopia scriptorum, appellari consuevit obscurum.”

I guess accusations of sexual misconduct are to be credible and believed...


unless you’re Bill Clinton or any other elite Democrat.

Then they’re just the braying of envious women.





A lot of adulthood is shouting “AUGH MY LAUNDRY” hours after you put it in the washer/dryer and running to go fetch it

oh shit my laundry

reblog to save someone’s laundry

This is hilariously relatable.





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Anyone have a source on this?  I haven’t read any of Spooner’s writings and can’t find one online but it’s an amazing quote if legit.

@larklyn said:

Jeff Snyder Washington Times, August 25, 1994

Go figure.  I was about to say, Lysander Spooner was alive during a time in America where disarming citizens would seem absolutely unreasonable in this context.

November 15 2017






how did they learn to translate languages into other languages how did they know which words meant what HOW DID TH

English Person: *Points at an apple* Apple

French Person: Non c’est une fucking pomme 

*800 years of war*

Fun fact: There are a lot of rivers in the UK named “avon” because the Romans arrived and asked the Celts what the rivers were called. The Celts answered “avon.” 

“Avon” is just the Celtic word for river.

Fan Fact #2: When Spanish conquistadors landed in the Yucatán peninsula, they asked the natives what their land was called and they responded “Yucatán”. In 2015, it was discovered that in those mesoamerican languages, “Yucatán” meant “I don’t understand what you are saying”


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Our 2018 day calendar is out ➡ https://goo.gl/6VgXpp

5172 be4f


Our 2018 day calendar is out ➡ https://goo.gl/6VgXpp 




sending “I hope you get that job” vibes to the people out here tryna get jobs

reblogging for yall bc the shit worked for me lol

Karma will pop me if I don’t

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