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March 07 2017

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What level of barely disguised Socialism are you on?

What on earth is this crap?

Women's March on Portland cannot account for thousands of dollars in donations




Organizers of the Women’s March on Portland are embroiled in a dispute about donations raised in support of the event.

The January march, which drew estimates of between 70,000 and 100,000 people to downtown, was, by most measures, a success. But in the weeks since, activists who hastily joined forces to organize the event have begun to fight publicly over what happened to donations that could total thousands of dollars.

It’s unclear precisely how much money the event took in through T-shirt sales and other donations. But at least one organizer says the money hasn’t been accounted for. The Oregon Department of Justice confirmed this week that it is looking into a complaint but stopped short of saying it has launched an investigation.

This isn’t the first rift among organizers. Weeks before the march, the original leaders were replaced after accusations of racism and transphobia led the NAACP to pull its support for the event.

Lead organizer Margaret Jacobsen and PDX Trans Pride’s Rebekah Katherine Brewis, as well as a group including Kat Lattimer, Nora Colie and Erica Fuller, took the reins.

According to a Facebook post from Jacobsen, Brewis agreed to have PDX Trans Pride act as “fiscal sponsor” of the event so the Women’s March could collect donations and raise money to pay for costs associated with the march. But there was no written contract laying out how the fiscal sponsorship would work, according to Jacobsen.

Now, Jacobsen wrote in the Facebook post, PDX Trans Pride is refusing to account for the funds. Jacobsen said the group is keeping money the Women’s March had hoped to use for future Women’s March-related activities. Jacobsen also contends that PDX Trans Pride is only one person: Brewis.

And, due to complicated tax designations for nonprofits, it appears many of the Women’s March donations may not have been tax-deductible after all.

In a phone message left with The Oregonian/OregonLive, Brewis said, “The allegations are absolutely unfounded.”

The fight went public last week when the post from Jacobsen began circulating among Portland activists on Facebook. In it, Jacobsen alleged that PDX Trans Pride was holding at least $22,000 raised via T-shirt sales.

“I was one of the lead organizers for the Women’s March on Washington: Portland,” Jacobsen wrote in the post. “We sought a fiscal sponsor for the event. Rebekah Brewis, the Executive Director of Portland Trans Pride (‘PTP’), agreed to have PTP serve as the fiscal sponsor.”

Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, said Friday that fiscal sponsorship is a relationship between two organizations, where one nonprofit with the ability to collect tax deductible donations extends that fundraising ability to a nonprofit that does not have the same designated status.

The organization that can raise money is then legally responsible for accounting for the donations on behalf of the other organization. The group acting as a fiscal sponsor generally charges a fee for doing its work.

“There usually is some kind of agreement around a little bit of cost recovery,” White said. “You absolutely should have a written agreement.”

But no such agreement existed for the march, Jacobsen acknowledges.

“We did not have a written agreement with PTP, but we expected it would receive some portion of the funds raised for acting as our sponsor,” Jacobsen wrote. “People who advanced funds for expenses for the event were to be reimbursed. If there were additional funds left over we hoped to apply those to other events down the road.”  

Jacobsen said via the Facebook post that the organizers don’t know exactly how much money in the PDX Trans Pride PayPal account was earmarked for the Women’s March.

Jacobsen declined to comment further when contacted by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

T-shirts for the march were sold through a separate website, Bonfire. According to the site, $5 from every shirtwas supposed to go to the march organizers. Bonfire has sold 3,559 shirts. At $5 per shirt that would equal $17,795.

Facebook posts, and an FAQ from the Women’s March asking for direct donations had linked to a now-closed PDX Trans Pride PayPal account. An additional $1,630 was raised on a GoFundMe page to pay for ambulances and a defibrillator.

“We do not know how much was raised from direct donations because we do not have access to those records,” Jacobsen wrote in the Facebook post.

There were some expenses associated with the march. PDX Trans Pride paid $4,901 for a one-day permit for the event, according to Cary Coker of Portland Parks and Recreation. Planned Parenthood covered the cost of 65 portable toilets at $2,337.

There’s another wrinkle. PDX Trans Pride is not itself a 501c3 and is fiscally sponsored by Media Alliance, according to that group’s executive director Tracy Rosenberg.

Rosenberg said Tuesday that Brewis approached her California-based organization in late December about a fiscal sponsorship arrangement.

“We said OK,” Rosenberg said over the phone Tuesday. “They were sort of in a rush.”

Rosenberg said Media Alliance offered what it frequently offers in terms of fiscal sponsorship: the ability to collect tax-deductible donations through a PayPal account. Media Alliance also covered the liability insurance for the march, according to Portland Parks and Recreation.

Here’s where it gets complicated. The link for Women’s March donations went to a PDX Trans Pride PayPal account that was not associated with Media Alliance. The donation link had been shared on Facebook by both the Women’s March and PDX Trans Pride. It was also included in a Women’s March FAQ.

The link from the PDX Trans Pride website to the PayPal account used for the Women’s March now leads to a notice that says it is currently unable to receive money.

After Jacobsen’s post last week, PDX Trans Pride fired back on Facebook with its own post, accusing Women’s March organizers of “transphobia … through their recently published false narrative about our organization and it’s [sic] leaders.”

PDX Trans Pride wrote on Facebook that it “fully permitted, insured, and fiscally sponsored” the January march.

In a phone message Saturday, Brewis said that other Portland leaders are “jealous of the success of the event,” adding that the march “was controlled and led by our organization.”

“We have an active legal investigation into certain matters” around the Women’s March, she added, referencing “transphobic events” and “interpersonal violence.”

Portland police say they are not involved. The state Justice Department said it is looking into one complaint related to funding the march.

Another Portland trans organization, Greater Portland Trans Unity, meanwhile, distanced itself from Brewis.

“Ms. Brewis has a long history of incarcerations 

A Statesman Journal article from 2011 detailed complaints that led Brewis to unsuccessfully sue the state. Brewis, who was transferred to the Oregon State Hospital after getting caught with a razor,unsuccessfully sued the state twice, according to Willamette Week.

Brewis posted on Facebook last week that she was at the Canada-U.S. border and was claiming “refugee status.” In the post, which included pictures of her at the border patrol gate, Brewis wrote, “I have surrendered my citizenship.” In a follow-up post, Brewis wrote, “Okay, just spoke with the Border agent at length, actually I am returning back tonight then leaving back to Canada.”

“I need to get my cat and a few things,” she added.

Those posts have since been deleted.

Brewis and Jacobsen have not responded to follow-up calls, emails or messages from The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Rosenberg, of the Media Alliance, said that it will refund any donations made through its PayPal account if requested.

PayPal said it can’t help people concerned about what happened to donations through the PDX Trans Pride account. Ashley Lowes, a spokesperson for PayPal, said via email that the company has looked into the issue, and anyone with questions about their donations “will need to contest these transactions with their credit card company or financial institution.” Due to company policy, PayPal will not disclose how much money PDX Trans Pride raised.

– Lizzy Acker

WOW, they really know how to pick them.

  1.  Donna Hylton was convicted of second-degree murder and two counts of first-degree kidnapping on March 12, 1986. She had been an accessory in the gruesome murder of Long Island real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarole, whose body was found locked inside a trunk in a Manhattan apartment in 1985. Vigliarole had died of asphyxiation. He was starved, beaten, raped, burned and tortured. Hylton served 27 years at New York’s Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for the crime.
  2. Rasmea Yousef Odeh was convicted in 1970 of planting four bombs in Israel; two detonated and killed two men, 21 and 22, in a shop; another damaged the British Consulate. 
  3. NOW there’s Rebekah Brewis Who did a six-year+ sentence for breaking into a woman’s home and threatening her with a knife.

Where do they find these people?

Consider this, they were picked because they are radical violent nutjobs not in spite of these facts. They want chaos, upheaval violence and division who better to do that than violent divisive wackos. I don’t think this is exactly egg on their face as their people fall to scandal, it’s more likely they were hand picked for these reasons by the ideological billionaire who funded their activities.




there is really nothing wrong with having never kissed anybody or having sex till you’re in your 20’s and i actually know so many girls who are in their 20’s and insecure about this which just tells me how normal it is

I got my first kiss when I was halfway done with graduate school 💁🏻

And there’s nothing wrong with not having sex until you’re marred 👰🏻💁🏻😊

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“I already have a manservant.”

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filed under: things I wish I had known earlier but are quite obvious when you think about it

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Wow. They’re exactly what we’ve said they were.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

“If only you couldn’t express yourself utopia would be achieved.”

“What can be said, when and where it can be said, and who can say it.”

That guy can fuck right off.

>[The internet is] contributing — perhaps irreversibly — to the decay of traditional moral and ethical constraints in American politics.

Did…did a left-wing paper just use the “traditional values” argument?

>Matthew Hindman, a professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University and the author of “The Myth of Digital Democracy,” said in a phone interview that “if you took the label off, someone looking at the United States would have to be worried about democratic failure or transitioning toward a hybrid regime.”

They’d “have to”? Because I’m from outside the US, and I’m not.

>Such a regime, in his view, would keep the trappings of democracy, including seemingly free elections, while leaders would control the election process, the media and the scope of permissible debate. “What you get is a country that is de facto less free.”

Right. And this would be accomplished by having a mainstream media that is openly anti-Trump, and public discourse that still stigmatizes being pro-Trump with labels like “racist” and “fascist” and “Nazi”.

>Goodstein noted, however, “a horrible development on the internet” last year:

>>In this cycle you saw hate speech retweeted and echoed, by partisan hacks, the Jewish star used in neo-Nazi posts. There is no governing body, so I think it’s going to get worse, more people jumping into the gutter.

Maybe that had something to do with how the MSM tried to manufacture a link between Trump and white supremacy, to be an anchor around his neck.

…And in the process told bigots that they were politically relevant again.


>Two developments in the 2016 campaign provided strong evidence of the vulnerability of democracies in the age of the internet: (…) and the discovery by internet profiteers of how to monetize the distribution of fake news stories, especially stories damaging to Hillary Clinton.

I’m surprised an editor didn’t catch this. “Fake News” became off-limits the second Trump used it against the MSM. Now it’s “alternative facts”.

I don’t think there’s a single word critical of the mainstream American left in this entire op-ed.

This guy looks like he can barely operate an iphone, let alone understand the internet

college gothic


  • someone in your class mentions communism. they speak about it at length. you are in biology class.
  • you text your mother. she does not respond for 3 days. you text her again and then realize that it has only been 2 hours since your first text.
  • freshmen travel in packs. what are they afraid of.
  • your class is in room 153. the numbers start at 201. you cannot find the first floor.
  • someone is talking about communism. it is not the same person as last time. this is an english class.
  • your transcript says you have an A in philosophy 3310. you do not remember taking this class. what did you learn? what did you do?
  • you meet your elevator buddy. you do not speak. you never do. you ride in silence. one day, they are not there. you miss them.
  • your advisor refers you to the registrar. the registrar refers you to admissions. admissions refers you to both the registrar and your advisor. you have spoken to two people who do not exist and one who has been dead for ten years.
  • the boy who sits next to you wears the same clothes everyday. you think this is strange but when you mention it, he tells you that this is the first time he has worn this outfit. you realize that you have lived this day before.
  • you pass someone sleeping in the quad. he has always been there. stop looking at him.
  • someone answers, “communism.” it is not someone who has been previously mentioned. the question was, “what is an example of the art of ancient greece?”
  • you have a doppelganger on campus. you have never met them. they know all of your friends.
  • the seniors speak only to professors. their eyes are dead. they have given up the safety of the pack long ago.
  • the professor is talking about STD’s. your math class is very strange.
  • the powerpoint is in comic sans. you suspect that your economics professor is an extraterrestrial being after all.
  • “communism,” the man serving you lunch insists. wearily you nod. that’s what everyone says.


if it was GUARANTEED that u would survive would u rather

A. explore a black hole

B. explore the entire ocean 

Does the guarantee of survival extends to a guarantee of minimal harm, meaning non fatal and non life changing injuries?


So, I recently heard someone say “Renaissance” in a different way, so now I’m curious.

If you say “Ren-Uh-Sonce”, reblog this post.

If you say “Ren-Ay-Uh-Sonce” reblog this post:


March 06 2017

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The story behind the image is even sadder. He basically begged the audience to ask him to explain quantum mechanics, nobody took the bait and he was asked an unrelated question and he went on to recite a clearly prepared wikipedia level explanation of quantum mechanics anyway. The papers the next day were like rmagerg Trudeau so smrt and schooled this reporter on smart people stuff.

So basically he read wikipedia enough to memorize it. He’s not smart, just wastes time.

Seriously look at this cringe.

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This super evangelical guy is always trying to challenge what I watch because it has swears or sex in it and it’s pretty annoying. I’m a grown woman. I’ll decide what’s appropriate for me to watch and where my conscience falls as a Christian.

Apparently you can’t be Christian if you watch movies with profanity. Lol.

Like I could bring up how even Jesus used really strong language in his day (“Brood of vipers” isn’t exactly a compliment), but I don’t want to get into a whole thing. I just want him off my back so I tried to keep it polite and civil and just say I like the story and I believe a good story makes up for some profanity.

i’d block him if he continues to harass you about it, someone tried doing this to me and trying convince me that turkish people don’t have souls on a fandom blog 

Oh my word he’s still at it.

“I’m not saying that a film should be necessarily thrown away if it has profanity in it. I have seen many movies with redeeming qualities and with profanity in them, but they are all edited so the profanity is removed.
If it’s wrong for a Christian to say those words, wouldn’t it also be wrong to voluntarily pay money to hear those words? If Jesus wouldn’t say the words, I’m pretty sure He wouldn’t pay money to have someone say those words to Him for the sake of entertainment.
What if it wasn’t profanity. What if it was sexuality? Is it OK to see a film with 50 F-words, but not OK to see a movie with sex scenes? Or are they both OK?
Just trying to figure out your position on it. 🙂”

I’m screaming. He’s an old friend and I really am trying to be respectful and kind but I really don’t know where else this conversation can go. I’m pretty much done explaining myself to him. He doesn’t have to agree. I’ve never tried to pressure him into watching movies with profanity, so I think he needs to respect my space. I do believe it’s important for Christians to hold each other accountable, but there’s a line between doing that and being annoying and judgmental.


“Profanity has changed, yes. But I think we can both agree that profanity today is something a Christian should never say. If a Christian went around saying the F word, I would know that they are very weak in their faith of at all, a Christian.
Also, the people who determine what profanity is…is the secular culture itself! It says “Strong Language” in the rating for a reason. And it’s rated by a secular culture, not Christians.
So if the secular culture itself labels a word as “bad” then it is ever more “off limits” for a Christian to use because even the lost people says it’s a “bad word.”

So I really don’t think Jesus would take part in phrases that even the lost world would say are bad.
And yes, they do use the Lord’s name as a cuss words in the film, so that should be an immediate red flag.

See the problem is, where to draw the line. You say sex scenes are OK of they are relevant to the story. Where do you draw the line?
What if there is an incredible movie about a porn star who gives their life to Christ. Well, to be relevant to the story, they show some of the porn that took place. It’s relevant to the story and it’s important to know.
So, If that is wrong but the small sex scene is OK…Who draws the line?
Do you draw the line? What if your line is farther than mine? Am I wrong? Are you wrong?
We can’t both be right.
See, I don’t believe WE get to draw where the line goes. Christ drew the line a long time ago.
“Abstain from even the appearance of Evil” 1 Thessalonians 5:22.
I dont think that involves F words and sex scenes…regardless of the story.
What I’m saying is, as a Christian, I dont think it’s right in any way to pay money and voluntarily listen to profanity and watch sex scenes. I think we can both agree that both of those are things the Lord would not approve of for a Christian.
And if we try to say what is “too much” for us, who determines that? It must be God who draws where the line is.
Do you see what I’m saying?“

The guy sounds like a right honorable jerk to me. I detest that whole “holier then thou” mentality that these kind of people have.

Yikes. Well, at least he’s not using that old "dog poop in the brownies” example….

But seriously even if he believed he was approaching you in Christian compassion to edify you he’s long since passed by the biblical instructions for that.

I’d say someone needs to tell him that being in the world and not of it does mean that people around you will use bad words. Movies with great plots will have bad words. You can completely shelter yourself from it and hide from the world entirely, completely ignoring the command to be “in the world” or you can accept that this is the world you are not of and go on with your life as a Christian, you certainly aren’t going to reach anyone or help anyone inside a concrete bubble of random rules made by men.

But that would probably just gain another lecture if anyone even tried.

Mike Pence Is Demanding Apology From The AP For What They'e Done To His Wife

For reasons I don’t at all understand, the AP released Mike Pence’s wife, Karen Pence’s personal email address.

Surely it was a mistake, right? There’s no way the AP would purposely expose our Vice President’s wife to the inevitable harassment and attacks she may receive by publishing her PERSONAL contact information. Surely they’ve apologized profusely and made it right…Right?


I can’t imagine the AP doing the same thing to Jill Biden or Michelle Obama, but somehow Karen Pence is fair game. Typical. Absolutely unacceptable, but typical nonetheless.

March 05 2017

Why Completing Tasks is so Difficult and Exhausting


“When a ‘normal’ person is given a task to complete and her brain is scanned as she does it, the prefrontal cortex lights up, showing that it is actively processing the information necessary to complete the task. The rest of the brain stays more or less inactive. When such a test is done with a person who has ADHD, the prefrontal cortex does not light up in the same way, indicating it’s inactive. However, several other regions of the brain do light up, indicating that the ADHDer uses areas of the brain other than the prefrontal cortex to complete the task. In other words, the brain compensates for what the prefrontal cortex in the ADHDer is unable to do. While the person may complete the task, he or she may feel overwhelmed, because the part of the brain doing the work isn’t designed to do so.”

-Alicia R. Maher

From Scattered to Centered : Understanding and Overcoming ADHD



when i was 12 i got banned from yahoo answers and when i emailed support to be like “what did i do??” i got a really vague answer that just said “you know what you did” and it still haunts me to this day

When I was 10 I was in a AOL chatroom for kids and we were all making this Homer Simpson face (8^(|) but this one girl Crystal forgot to put the nose in the face so I said “You forgot the nose crystal” and I immediately got booted offline and no one in my family could log on. My Mom talked to someone from AOL and they said I was trying to sell drugs to minors because I said “nose crystal”




i mean, maybe this is my inner “survivor of child abuse” talking, but I am not going to tell abusive parents that they’re bad at bringing up their children without a bullet proof plan with regards to how I could protect my student from the emotional and physical backlash of that meeting.

Important thing to remember about intervening in abuse in general. Any actions taken by others to hold the abuser accountable WILL be taken out on the victim and not the person doing the confronting. Do not confront an abuser about their actions unless you know for absolute certain that you can protect their victim from the fallout.

AN ABBREVIATED GUIDE TO ‘holy shit my friend is in an abusive relationship what do I do’

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Today in Middle Earth: Pippin steals the Palantir and Gandalf sets out with him for Minas Tirith (March 5th, 3019 T.A.)

   ‘So this is the thief!’ said Gandalf. Hastily he cast his cloak over the globe where it lay. ‘But you, Pippin! This is a grievous turn to things!’ He knelt by Pippin’s body: the hobbit was lying on his back rigid, with unseeing eyes staring up at the sky. ‘The devilry! What mischief has he done – to himself, and to all of us?’ The wizard’s face was drawn and haggard. 

 He took Pippin’s hand and bent over his face, listening for his breath; then he laid his hands on his brow. The hobbit shuddered. His eyes closed. He cried out and sat up, staring in bewilderment at all the faces round him, pale in the moonlight. 

4233 2d65


Favorite Firefly quotes: 1/?

“A Companion chooses her own clients, that’s Guild law. But physical appearance doesn’t matter so terribly. You look for a compatibility of spirit. There’s an energy about a person that’s difficult to hide, you try to feel that –”






Pedophiles don’t belong in the LGBT community. Go die in a fire. You are not welcome.

Actually we do because lgbt is about celebrating the weird/taboo so yeah

nope. nope. no it’s not. that’s incredible homophobic/transphobic. you don’t belong in the lgbt community.

Please unfollow me if you believe pedophilia counts as a group in the LGBT+ community

actually, if you’re a pedophile please unfollow me. I don’t want that shit any where near me

LGBT is not about “weird/taboo”, wtf

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